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Advocacy & Initiatives

The New Order National Human Rights Organization gets hundreds of requests each week to get involved in police misconduct cases, special events, speaking egagements etc. If you think you have a case and would like NONHRO to review it please download and complete our application.

​Advocacy from NONHRO

- Racial Profiling

- Police Misconduct

- Police Brutality

- Investigate Caims 

- Government Curruption

- Bridging The Gap with Law Enforcement

Community & Youth Outreach

- Feeds 1000 Homeless Men & Women Each Month

- Offers Free Banking

- Youth Mentoring

- Partners with local barbers to give FREE haircuts

- Community Service

- Court Intervention Services

- Youth Empowerment

- Partners with community based organizations and local    businesses

Economics Advocacy​

- Promoters Minority Ownership

- Entrepreneurship

- Small Business Development

- Provides businesses technical training

- Workforce Development

- Corporate Relationships & Responsibilities

Community ​Issues

​- Poverty

- Hungry

- Jobs

- Anti-Violence

- Black on Black Crime

- Voter Registration





- Direct observation in school setting​s

- Collaborate with teachers on key issues
- Develop techniques to communicate​
- Speaks at Cobb Ombudsman Alternative School
- Provides Resources for School Staff​

- Provides Student Mentorship & School Visits

- Supports Academic Achievement

- Encourages Civic Involvement

- Promotes The Positive Peer Culture



Articles & Resources

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