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Board of Directors

Gerald Rose - FOUNDER & CEO

Leonard Jones - Vice President

John Drummond -  Chief of Staff

Kyle Jones - Advisor

June Benson - Attorney General

Katina Aaron - Legal   Chairperson

National Staff Members

Noke Harden - Economic Advisor

Sherri Johnson - Political Advisor 

Tameka Black - Secretary of Education

Maria Hughes - Events Director

Renee Davenport - Press Secretary

 Ali Mims - Secretary of State

Redd Fidel - Spokesperson

Sky Love - Youth Director

Suritha Danelle - Research Director 

Sylvernia Porter - Marketing Director

Jovan Thomas - Outreach Director

National Field Staff Members

Silk Berry - Field Advocate

Dominique Saunders - Field Coordinator

Leslie Salmon - Field Director

Chantia Tubbs - Field Specialist

Sandra McCall - Field General


Legal Advisors

Attorney Jackie Patterson

Attorney James King

Attorney Drew Findling

Attorney Amon-Ra


Local Chapters

Southern Region 

Baton Rouge. Lousiana

Atlanta, Georgia

Enterprise, Alabama

Donalsonville Georgia

Oxford, Mississippi

Charlotte North, Carolina

Florence, South Carolina

Houston, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Greenville. South Carolina

Montgomery Alabama

Sandersville Georgia

Jacksonville Florida

Macon Georgia


Midwest Region 

Toledo, Ohio

Topeka. Kansas

Harrisburg. Pennsylvania 

St Louis, Missouri

Columbus, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Woodbridge, Virgina

Stafford, Virgina

Silver Springs, Maryland

Chicago, Illinois

Indianapolis Indiana

Baltimore Maryland

Detroit Michigan

If you are intrested in joining or starting a local chapter in your market, please send us an email today

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