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Board of Directors

Gerald Rose - CEO/President
Leonard Jones - Vice President
Maria Hughes - Women's Advocate
Katina Aaron - Chief of Staff

Sky Love - Marketing Director
National Staff Members

Abdul Khaliq Muhammad - Advisor

Lawrence Wright- Ambassador

Alexis Spight - Spokesperson

Latoya Jones - Secretary of State

DeAundrea Stephens - Outreach Director

Susan Dilworth- Youth Director

Karen Brank - Public Relations Director

Lynn Cousins - Resource Director  

Angelico McKinney - Press Secretary 

Thomas Parker - Political Advisor

Tameka Black - Education Advisor

Tina Starks - Research Director


Local Chapters


Toledo, OH

Columbus, OH

Cleveland, OH

Chicago, IL

Indianapolis, IN

Detroit, MI


Baton Rouge, LA

Atlanta, GA

Enterprise, AL

Donaldsonville, GA

Oxford, MS

Charlotte, NC

Florence, SC

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

Greenville, SC

Montgomery, AL

Sandersville, GA

Jacksonville, FL

Macon, GA




Harrisburg, PA

Woodbridge, VA

Stafford, VA

Silver Springs, MD

Baltimore MD

Seattle, WA

St. Louis, MO

Topeka, KS

If you are intrested in joining or starting a local chapter in your market, please send us an email today

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