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Two Dallas Officers Indicted On Official Oppression Charges

May 16th 2015


Two Dallas Police officers have been indicted and could be fired for official oppression.The indictment says that Sr. Cpl. Yancy Graves and officer Justin Thomas subjected a man to "mistreatment they knew was unlawful" last June.


It’s time for America to take some serious action to end racial profiling and police brutality."



NONHRO is an 501(c)(3) non-for profit organization designed t "for the people" with no regard to race, creed, color or religion. If you think your human rights have been violated, find out how we can help.

Bridging The Gap Between Law Enforcement & The Community
May 13th 2015

NONHRO meets regularly with local law enforcement to bridge the gap between community relations and departments.

​NONHRO Congratulates Loretta Lynch on Confirmation

April 30th 2015


CEO Gerald Rose and members of The NONHRO would like to congratulate Loretta Lynch on being confirmed the new United States Attorney General

- Gerald Rose, CEO & Founder

New Order National Humans Rights Organization

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Together we can make a greater impact more than any individual or group can do on their own. We all have something to give. Join our Youth Outreach and Community Service programs to give back to communities where we can make a difference.

Law Enforcement Reform

Excessive Force and police abuse is a major problem especially in communities of color.  However, racism is far from the only factor. All citizens must help reduce police abuse even if they are never subject to being assaulted by police. 


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